(Quick Reference)



Sets the Grails version inside the application metadata file (application.properties)


grails set-grails-version

grails set-grails-version 2.4.0



grails set-grails-version [number]

The application.properties file in the top level directory of every Grails application contains a app.grails.version property and the value of that property represents the version of Grails required to build that application. The set-grails-version command can be used to set the value of that property.


  • number - The number to set the Grails version to. If no argument is supplied then the version of Grails which is being used to run the command will be used.

All that the set-grails-version command is doing is updating the app.grails.version property in application.properties.

Fired Events:

  • StatusFinal - When the version has been set