(Quick Reference)



The integrate-with command allows Grails to be integrated with a variety of IDEs and build systems.


grails integrate-with --eclipse --intellij --textmate --ant --git



grails integrate-with [ARGUMENTS]

The integrate-with command will integrate Grails with different IDEs and build systems based on the arguments provided. For example the --eclipse command will produce .project and .classpath files for use with Eclipse or Spring Tool Suite (STS).

The command is extensible. For example to provide a --myide command, create an _Events.groovy file and handle the IntegrateWithStart event:

eventIntegrateWithStart = {
    binding.integrateMyide = {
        // your code here

Fired Events:

  • IntegrateWithStart - Fired when the script is first run
  • IntegrateNAMEStart - Fired when each integration starts (eg. IntegrateEclipseStart)
  • IntegrateNAMEEnd - Fired when each integration ends (eg. IntegrateIntellijEnd)
  • IntegrateWithEnd - Fired when the script finishes