(Quick Reference)



Lists the versions of updated plugins available from the Grails standard repository



grails list-plugin-updates

Lists the plugins that are updateable in the Grails standard repository. Note: This command can take a while to execute depending on your internet connectivity. Typical output looks like this:

Plugins with available updates are listed below:
<Plugin>            <Current>         <Available>
acegi               0.4               0.5.2
console             0.1               0.2.2

The first column contains the plugin name, the second the installed version and the last the current version. If you require more info about a plugin you can use the plugin-info command. If you wish to update a plugin you can use the plugin name and/or version in combination with the install-plugin.

Note: If you are behind a proxy you may want to consider using the set-proxy command prior to running this command.